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Bleu Protège-dents de Boxe Anglaise | Absorbe 99% des chocs
Rouge Protège-dents de Boxe Anglaise | Absorbe 99% des chocs
Blanc Protège-dents de Boxe Anglaise | Absorbe 99% des chocs

English boxing mouthguard

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English Boxing Mouthguard: Safety and performance for every round 💢!

For every boxer, the mouthguard is crucial for:

  • Assured Protection: It provides the confidence to focus on learning and improving skills without the fear of blows.
  • Injury Prevention: Its ability to dissipate impact energy protects against dental damage and helps reduce the risk of concussions.
  • Lasting Comfort: Built to endure long training sessions and numerous rounds, it provides comfort that lasts, even under the pressure of combat.
  • Clarity of communication: Allowing easy breathing and clear speech, it does not interfere with the coach's instructions or tactical exchanges.

Advantages of our English Boxing mouthguard:

  • Excellent quality: Made with sturdy and secure materials, it is designed to provide reliable protection with every use.
  • Perfect adaptability: Its custom molding technology ensures an ideal fit, offering both effective protection and increased comfort.
  • Easy maintenance: The mouthguard is easy to clean, thus contributing to optimal oral hygiene.
  • Easy application and removal: It is designed to be easily adjusted and removed, facilitating regular use.


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