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Bleues / 35 Chaussures de Boxe Anglaise | Bouge comme un pro !
Chaussures de Boxe Anglaise | Bouge comme un pro !
Rouges / 35 Chaussures de Boxe Anglaise | Bouge comme un pro !
Noires / 35 Chaussures de Boxe Anglaise | Bouge comme un pro !

English boxing shoes

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Color : Blue
Size : 35
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English boxing shoes: Agility and support for each round! 🥊

Essential for any boxer who wants to progress, our boxing shoes are designed to maximize performance and comfort, suitable for all levels of practice , from beginner to professional. Benefit from:

  • Support and stability: Designed to provide optimal foot and ankle support, our shoes guarantee exceptional stability when moving and pivoting.
  • Tailored comfort: Thanks to their ergonomic design and quality materials, they ensure a perfect fit and prolonged comfort.

For novices , these shoes are essential for:

  • Learn the basics safely: They provide the grip and support needed to learn fundamental movements and sequences.
  • Prevent injuries: Their reinforced structure protects against twists and impacts, essential for beginners who have mastered the techniques.

Experienced boxers will benefit from:

  • Improved performance: Optimization of traction and lightness allows for faster reactions and movements, crucial in competition.
  • Endurance and comfort: Breathable materials and careful construction reduce fatigue and increase comfort, even during the longest fights.

Specific advantages of our boxing shoes:

  • Premium quality: Made with durable materials, they resist wear and maintain their performance over time.
  • Optimized design: Their specific shape promotes better propulsion and increased responsiveness.
  • Excellent breathability: Effective ventilation keeps feet dry, preventing slipping and distractions.
  • Easy to put on and take off: Designed to be practical, they allow for quick changes before and after training or sparring.
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