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Noires / 1.5M Bandes de Boxe Anglaise | Protège tes poings
Blanches / 1.5M Bandes de Boxe Anglaise | Protège tes poings
Bleues / 1.5M Bandes de Boxe Anglaise | Protège tes poings
Jaunes / 1.5M Bandes de Boxe Anglaise | Protège tes poings
Rouges / 1.5M Bandes de Boxe Anglaise | Protège tes poings
Bandes de Boxe Anglaise | Protège tes poings
Bandes de Boxe Anglaise | Protège tes poings

Boxing wraps

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Color : Black
Size : 1.5M
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Tapes in English boxing: if you don't use them, big mistake! Find out why 👊

Not putting bands under boxing gloves can cause injuries or micro-injuries , which is why our bands offer support and crucial protection, particularly in the hands and wrists, they absorb shock and reduce the risk of sprains, dislocation and fracture.

In fact, they distribute the impact more evenly, protecting against direct damage to bones and joints. In the long term, they also prevent problems linked to repeated impacts, such as tendinitis.

But they also help you progress! In fact, the support of the bands helps maintain the correct alignment of the joints, reducing the risk of placing your fingers in the wrong place.

Why choose our bands for your English boxing training?

  • Adaptability and comfort: Our bands adjust to all hand shapes.
  • Resistance and longevity: Designed to resist wear and tear.
  • Ease of installation: Designed for intuitive use.
  • Maintaining hygiene: Breathable material preventing excessive sweat accumulation.
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