Qu'est ce que le JJB ?

What is BJJ?

The origins of Brazilian Jujitsu 🌱

The roots of Brazilian Jujitsu (BJJ) lie in Japanese history, but it was in Brazil that this martial art was adapted and perfected to become what it is today. Known for its emphasis on ground fighting and submissions, BJJ uses holds, locks, and leverage techniques , allowing a less physically strong practitioner to defeat a larger or heavier opponent. Over the years, Brazilian Jujitsu has become a cornerstone of mixed martial arts (MMA) and an essential element of self-defense.

BJJ Japan

Brazilian Jujitsu internationally 🌍

Gaining popularity around the world, Brazilian Jujitsu is practiced by people of all ages for its technical depth and its physical and mental benefits. International tournaments like the ADCC and the IBJJF World Championships have contributed to its worldwide recognition. Athletes of various nationalities have adopted BJJ, thereby enriching their technical arsenal in other combat disciplines.

Best moments from the BJJ World Championship (IBJJF, 2023) 🥋

The structure of a Brazilian Jujitsu fight 🤼

A BJJ fight typically takes place over several rounds, where competitors are evaluated on their ability to control the opponent, execute submission techniques, and defend against them. Victories can be achieved by submission, points or judges' decisions , reflecting the strategic and technical aspect of the sport.

Consult the rules of Brazilian Jujitsu

Brazilian Jujitsu techniques 💢

Brazilian Jujitsu emphasizes technique and strategy, with preparation focused on rolls, guard passes, submissions and defenses . Practitioners learn to use their body effectively and strategically, improving their functional strength, flexibility and mental acuity. Each practitioner personalizes their training to refine their techniques and develop their own fighting style.

BJJ techniques

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